What You'll Learn

This course will teach you all the tools you will need to start using Illustrator for fashion design: sketching your fashion designs, creating fashion technical drawings or flat sketches, coloring your fashion sketch and more!

  • The Basics

    The basics of the program and how to use Illustrator for fashion design

  • Drawing

    How to use the Pen Tool in Illustrator to draw and color a fashion design flat sketch

  • Design Worksheet

    How to create a design worksheet, the first page of a fashion tech pack

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Course Manual

    • Student Manual

  • 3

    Introduction to Illustrator (Day 1)

  • 4

    Supplemental Videos/Exercises (Day 1)

    • Memory Game

    • Intro to Illustrator Crossword Puzzle

    • Intro to Illustrator Crossword Puzzle Answers

    • Pacman tracing exercise

  • 5

    Drawing a Flat Sketch (Day 2)

    • Introduction to the Pen Tool

    • Drawing a Tee Shirt (Setup)

    • Introduction to the Pen Tool on iPad

    • Methods of Drawing a Flat Sketch in Illustrator

    • Introduction to Flat Sketches

  • 6

    Supplemental Videos/Exercises (Day 2)

    • Pen Tool Practice Exercises

    • Supplemental Videos

  • 7

    Drawing a Flat Sketch (Day 3)

    • Drawing solid lines

    • Drawing Stitchlines

    • Reflecting the Sketch

    • Joining the Sketch

    • Creating Closed Shapes with the Shape builder tool

    • Drawing the back view

    • Grouping the Sketch

    • Drawing a Flat Sketch on the iPad

  • 8

    Supplemental Videos/Exercises (Day 3)

    • Connect the dots exercise

    • Supplemental videos

  • 9

    Filling Your Fashion Sketch with Color (Day 4)

    • Color in Illustrator

    • Coloring a Flat Sketch (Lesson from 1st edition)

    • Creating Custom Colors on the iPad

    • Creating a Color CAD

  • 10

    Supplemental Videos/Exercises (Day 4)

    • The Color Guide in Illustrator

  • 11

    Wrapup (Day 5)

    • What's Next?

    • How to get Support

Meet the instructor

Digital Fashion Designer and Educator

Mikelle Drew-Pellum

Hi! I'm Mikelle. I've spent over 20 years working in the fashion industry. I am Adobe certified and an expert at finding ways to use the software efficiently, make it applicable to fashion and finding the fun! I currently work as an Adjunct Professor at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. I LOVE to teach and nerd out on the all things fashion tech and fashion business related.

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Karina Bajana, Footwear Designer

Mikelle has such a comprehensive understanding of these programs and is extremely good at explaining, coaching through the hands-on experience, and understanding/responding to questions. I highly recommend her if you’re looking into learning basic or advanced Adobe skills.

Doris Hofmann, Designer

I highly recommend Mikellle: Great teaching skills, super experienced and up to date with the latest software novelties.

Soo M., Men's Designer

I love Mikelle's class. She is sooo good at teaching. Learning can be so tired , but I have never felt tired in her class. She has vital power that makes students keep putting attention to work with smile. She is something.

Sean Coco, Designer

Best Instructor Ever !!!! 🏆🏆🏆

Brenda Van Name, Design Director

An Engaging Passionate Talented Creative, a pleasure to learn from and work with. Mikelle is a gifted instructor having the rare ability to deliver detailed training for complex programs with fun, approachable style. The experience arms a student with confidence to begin experimenting and the desire to learn more. I highly recommend her classes to anyone beginner or advanced.

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Fashion sketching is the language of the designer, and flat sketching is a skill that every fashion designer needs in order to communicate their ideas. Creating an accurate flat sketch is a critical part of design development. You can’t sell your design without a fashion technical drawing. And Illustrator is the best program to help you do that. Start today, and you'll be drawing fashion design flat sketches in no time!